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Pre-Ride Checklist *IMPORTANT*
Last Updated 2 years ago

As with any vehicle, you should do check several items before you operate that vehicle. But, come on, most of us don't. With the Motoped however, there are a few ESSENTIAL items to check every ride or it could cost you a lot of $$$.

1. Rear Sprocket Bolts: ALWAYS, and we mean EVERY SINGLE RIDE, make sure the rear sprocket bolts are tight. If there is any looseness there, remove the bolts and use a high quality threadlocker on them (Blue loctite 242 in the red bottle). DO NOT use loctite 271 - if you do you will never be able to remove the bolts without striping the heads.

2. Chain Tension: Check both chains for chain tension. The small chain that connects the jackshaft to the motor can be a little loose without issue, but the chain to the rear wheel should be kept adjusted properly.

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